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Favorite Baby Products — Birth to 6 Months

In a sea of products, it can be hard to know what to buy when having a baby. Our Favorite Baby Products — Birth to 6 Months may help you figure that out!

Favorite Baby Products — Birth to 6 Months

When you find out that you’re going to be a first-time parent, there’s usually about 8,729 emotions that run through your head at the same time. Once the excitement, nerves, and fear subside, you’re left wondering what the heck you need for the baby and how you’re going to get it all in 9 short months. That’s why we decided to throw together a list of all of our Favorite Baby Products — Birth to 6 Months. Whether you’re buying everything yourself or you’re going to register your little heart out, these are the 13 products that made the first 6 months with Norah Jane that much easier.

Dock a Tot

In the early days, when your baby is sleeping 16 hours a day, this thing is a life saver. You can park it anywhere (safe) and your little one will feel like they’re wrapped up in your warm embrace. For the first four months, Norah slept in her bassinet at night, but a lot of her naps were in this bad boy.

BIBS Pacifiers

We tried a few different pacifiers before these were recommended to us and they really are the best! Not only do they come in the most beautiful shades, but they also don’t fall out and soothe her perfectly.

Baby Bjorn Bouncer

Norah LOVED this seat. We had the toy attachment that’s sold separately and she had so much fun slapping at it when she got old enough. When she started sitting up we had to retire it, but it was a sad day.

Mama Roo

The Mama Roo is such a love it or hate it product. I’ve heard from other moms that their babies didn’t take to it, but Norah always responded well to it. In the first few months, she was soothed to sleep quite often and it was a great place to park her when I had to run to the bathroom.

UPPAbaby Vista

This stroller system is worth EVERY penny. We live in the city and walk everywhere, so a high-quality stroller was high on our list of must-haves. During the first 4 months, the bassinet attachment came in SO handy. We also had the stand for it, so it doubled as our downstairs bassinet. Whenever I was cooking or working on the computer, she was either in that or the Baby Bjorn. Plus, she slept in it whenever we traveled anywhere. Now, she uses the main stroller attachment and I love that we can either face it towards us or away and it has a wide range of reclining. You can also purchase additional attachments so that down the road if you have more children, they can both use the stroller. This was a big plus for us. Additionally, we have the corresponding car seat which also attaches to the stroller base. More often than not, if we’re out shopping, we simply click her car seat on top and no transfers have to be made. As you can see, we’re BIG fans of the Uppa Baby Vista.

Skip Hop Activity Center

Once Norah turned 6 months, this activity center became her new favorite thing (or as we like to call it, her office). We’re big on anything that can grow with her, and this unit can be turned into a table later on!

Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair

Matt and I were beyond excited to get this high chair. It was one of those things that we knew for sure that we wanted even before I got pregnant. We wanted something functional that blended in with the aesthetic of the rest of our house. Again, we love that this chair transforms and can grow with her into childhood! We try to eat dinner with Norah at the table as much as possible, and this way, she sits at our level and she can either eat from the table or use the tray.

OXO Waterproof Silicone Bib

I wish I would have bought this bib the second Norah started on solid foods. I can’t tell you how many regular drool bibs we’ve stained from food messes. In general, We’ve loved every OXO Baby product we’ve purchased. We also have their baby food storage cups and they’re so durable and leak proof! This bib wipes clean every time and rolls up so it can easily be thrown into your diaper bag, too!

Beaba Spoons

We’ve tried a few different spoons, but I would highly recommend picking up a silicone set instead of hard plastic for the first couple of months of eating. These are super soft, not too deep, and are gentle on her gums.

EZ PZ Plate

You’ve probably seen these plates and bowls all over Instagram and they’re so worth the hype. They don’t budge from the table and are nice and shallow for baby to grab food out of. Right now we’re just practicing with some whole foods, but we can’t wait until we can get more use out of these!

Water Wipes

Hands down our favorite wipes. They are a tad pricey, but we love that they’re not full of harsh ingredients. They really are basically just water. They’re super saturated compared to most other wipes and are nice and big. Even though they cost a bit more, we find that we use fewer thanks to the saturation and size.


The Boppy is one of those cult baby products that pretty much everyone receives at their baby shower. For some reason, I had it in my head that I wouldn’t use it that much. I was SO wrong. First of all, it’s a great nursing pillow. I still use it when I’m nursing Norah at home even though she’s bigger. I’ve used it to support my arm when I’ve been holding her for an hour, I used it when she first started sitting up and I didn’t want her to hit her head on the floor, and I’ve used it as a neck pillow for me when I’ve fallen asleep in the recliner. I’ve seriously used it every day since she was born and I don’t see me storing it away anytime soon. If you’re like me and don’t care for most of the standard prints, check out Pottery Barn Kids for some really cute covers!

Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier

Now that Norah is teething (she has 2 poking through!), this thing has been a godsend. She absolutely loves to gnaw on it and you can tell it feels so good to her gums. So far I’ve frozen some yogurt, berries, and avocado for her, and she’s even enjoyed some ice chips. I’ve seen the kind with the mesh but I love that this one has durable silicone tips and you get a couple different sizes.

Favorite Baby Clothes



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What are some of your top baby favorites?

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