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Springtime Al Fresco Dining

This post is sponsored by Buffalo Wings & Rings®. As always, thank you for reading and for supporting companies I partner with, which allows me to create unique content and recipes for you from readily accessible ingredients. All opinions are always my own.

If there’s one thing that people ask me for almost as much as recipes, it’s restaurant recommendations. I recently found out that the Cincinnati-based sports restaurant and bar, Buffalo Wings & Rings, is opening a few locations close to me. This is huge news because they have approximately 80 stores in the US and overseas, so I am thrilled that they are close by!

I was able to visit their Elizabethtown, KY location with my family to have a delicious Flavor On Restaurant Adventure Experience and try out their amazing spring menu.

You might be asking what this “Flavor On” menu is all about, so read on to find out more! I also have a fun tip for you: Buffalo Wings & Rings is currently running an easy, enter-to-win Flavor On Sweepstakes.

In just two clicks, you can enter for a chance to win $5,000! I will talk more about the sweepstakes later, but you can learn more about it here:

Buffalo Wings & Rings currently has 7 Flavor On Fan Favorites that you absolutely have to check out. It’s tough to know which one is going to be your favorite when you have to choose from so many great flavors.

When I did my restaurant experience, I made sure to try everything, which included: Charred Jalapeño Wings, Sam Adams® Beer Cheese Chicken Sliders, Old Bay® Fried Shrimp Basket, Bleu 42 Chicken Sandwich, Sam Adams® Beer Cheese Fries, Coconut Cooler and Turtle Lava Cake. Who is feeling hungry now?

My family and I pretty much rushed out the door to try all these great favorites.

First of all, the favorite of our table, the Old Bay® Fried Shrimp Basket was highly fought over. Our waitress recommended we try it with the sweet Thai chili sauce and it was soooooo good!

I got to meet the kitchen manager and I had to compliment him on how perfectly tender and spiced the shrimp was. They mentioned that they can barely keep it in stock and they’d been selling out almost every night, which I can totally believe.

A few timid spice-haters were scared to try the Charred Jalapeño Wings, but everyone was very surprised at how mild and full of flavor they were! We only ordered five and immediately regretted not ordering 10. All of their wings are fresh, never frozen, and hand-breaded in house.

If the seasonal flavor isn’t your jam, you can always build your own wings by choosing between traditional, boneless (grilled or hand-breaded and fried!), cauliflower, or tenders (also available grilled or fried) with your favorite flavor and heat level.

My mom and dad were already Buffalo Wings & Rings fans and immediately demanded that we order the Pretzel Bites with a side of beer cheese. Imagine their delight when I told them that we were also ordering the Sam Adams® Beer Cheese Chicken Sliders and Sam Adams® Beer Cheese Fries.

Seriously, this beer cheese is amazing and so is everything it’s served on. You can see by the photo that Matt didn’t waste any time tearing into the Bleu 42 Chicken Sandwich. I’m lucky that he even let me try a bite because that boy loves him some bleu cheese.

The flavor on this sandwich is so insane. It’s grilled chicken tenders on a brioche bun with Cajun spices, bleu cheese dip, and sweet Thai chili sauce, topped with chopped romaine, apples, celery, candied pecans & scallions. YUMMMM.

Buffalo Wings and Rings also has a wonderful beer and cocktail selection. Matt was able to order his favorite craft beer and both of our dads had no trouble ordering their go-to domestics. I, on the other hand, happily drank my sweet, tangy, and fizzy Coconut Cooler while wishing I had a lifetime supply at home.

Even though we were all sufficiently stuffed, we ordered not one, not two, but three desserts because YOLO. Hands down the favorite was the Turtle Lava Cake. I mean what’s better than warm chocolate lava cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top? Even Norah was dying to get in on that action.

Speaking of our precious baby, we had two tots under a year old with us and they were more than accommodating with high chairs and even offered some kid-friendly bites for the babies. I would call the atmosphere sports-centric with a warm family vibe.

There are plenty of TVs to watch whatever game you like, but there are not so many that it’s overwhelming. It was a gorgeous day when we visited, so we chose to dine al fresco and get a table on their wonderful patio. There were also TVs outside, which meant that we didn’t have to miss the horse races that were running that evening.

Is there anything better than trying delicious food with family in a fun and inviting ambiance? I think not!

All in all, my family and I had an amazing dining experience at Buffalo Wings and Rings. The staff was super friendly and accommodating and the food really was phenomenal. If you know me, you know I’m pretty picky about restaurants and I honestly really enjoyed the food. I especially love that they go way beyond wings and have a chef-inspired menu with scrumptious fresh to crafted options.

As I mentioned before, Buffalo Wings & Rings is currently hosting an epic $5,000 Flavor On Sweepstakes. All you have to do is visit to vote for your favorite flavor! I am going to encourage everyone to hop into a restaurant and discover which of the tasty Flavor On Fan Favorites are your personal favorite first before voting. Let me warn you, it’ll be tough hard to pick because they’re all so delicious.

You can enter into the sweepstakes and pick up the spring Flavor On Fan Favorites through Sunday, June 2, so make sure you get in there ASAP!

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