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Baked Cheesy Pumpkin Rigatoni

Forget the sage and brown butter, this Baked Cheesy Pumpkin Rigatoni has a tomato base and plenty of cheese for good measure! Most pumpkin pasta recipes have all the same elements. Slightly sweet, lots of butter (usually browned), and of course, fall’s favorite herb, sage. While I love that pasta dish and have made many …

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Peach Loaf Cake with Maple Brown Butter Glaze

As we head from summer into fall, this Peach Loaf Cake with Maple Brown Butter Glaze is the perfect morning coffee companion! This time of year fashion bloggers begins talking about “transitional” wardrobe pieces to ease you into autumn while it’s still fairly warm out. That’s how I like to think about this Peach Loaf …

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The 5-Ingredient Vegetarian Cookbook

Whether you’re a vegetarian or a constant carnivore, my new book, The 5-Ingredient Vegetarian Cookbook is perfect for busy weeknights and beyond! Surprise! I wrote a cookbook! The 5-Ingredient Vegetarian Cookbook has been in the making for a while now and I’m so excited to finally share it with you!  Simple vegetarian meals can be …

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