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Work With Me

Want to work together? I love collaborating with companies and there are many ways we can begin a partnership:

Freelance Writing| I’m able to contribute articles to your publication or online content that’s geared towards your audience. I can provide recipe, copy, and photos.

Recipe Development| Creating recipes is something I thrive on. I have so many ideas written down and just need the chance for them to come to life. I would love to create a recipe just for you! This recipe can developed for an external site or publication or have a dedicated sponsored blog post and would also be shared on my social media channels.

Sponsored Blog Posts| Looking to get the word on a product or ingredient? I love creating blog posts highlighting a specific ingredient, product, or a brand’s message.

Hopefully your needs fall in one of the categories above, if not just shoot me an email by clicking here and we can find a way to work together. I’m always open to new and exciting ideas!