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Cantaloupe, Prosciutto, and Burrata Grilled Pizza

Keep your oven off, and your house cool this summer. Try this Cantaloupe, Prosciutto, and Burrata Grilled Pizza for your next pizza night! If you know my husband and me, you know that we are pizza-loving people. We don’t eat it as much as we used to in an effort to clean up our diet, but …

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Prosciutto Pizza Bombs

These Prosciutto Pizza Bombs are the perfect cheesy weekend treat! Say goodbye to cold and expensive pizza delivery and hello to this fun dish.  Hopefully, you’ve sufficiently recovered from your Thanksgiving binge of turkey and dressing. I seriously don’t want to look at turkey again for about 6 months, so I was more than happy …

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Prosciutto Fig Bagel Bites

If your summers and weekends weren’t full of Bagel Bites, you obviously aren’t a millennial. These Prosciutto Fig Bagel Bites are the perfect snack or lunch any day of the week! Occasionally, I’ll get a strange craving for that chewy bagel topped with gooey cheese and meat, but as a self-respecting adult (j/k) I can’t …

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